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PergolasPeople have different names for pergolas; some call it a patio, gazebo, outside deck and pent. No matter what you call it, they are beautiful and are meant to serve as a recreational spot for families. These garden structures are considered as an extension of the house. If you are looking to have a place in your garden to sit and enjoy the colorful flower, birds and lush greenery then building a pergola is ideal.

Some people spend more time in their patio than they would inside their homes. If you have a beautiful garden to enjoy then why not spend time outdoors? If you have a pergola, you should make it even more interesting by adding the right patio furniture and ambience to make it interesting and aesthetically pleasing. There are hundreds of choices to build a beautiful gazebo. For example, you can have a metal pergola or you can have a wooden one, concrete or even plastic.

Readymade Pergolas

Pergola kits are available for affordable prices and can be easily installed as well. The kit contains all the necessary attachments and extensions. You may think a readymade kit would come in standard design and shape. If you do so then you are sadly mistaken. These kits come in several interesting designs. Pergolas can be easily assembled in a day using these kits. You do not require additional labor help or even guidance. They usually come with a detailed manufacturer manual that will guide you through the entire process. If you are worried about their durability, most readymade pergolas would last at least for 15 years. Experts at Unlimited Landscape Hawaii LLC have installed and maintained various types of pergola across Hawaii, including Pearl City, Waipahu and Kapolei.

Readymade Kits V Concrete Gazebos

PergolasReadymade kits are cost effective and can be assembled in a few hours. You can build a pergola in a span of six hours when you buy the readymade kit. Buy it, install it and start partying, it is as simple as that. On the other hand, concrete gazebos take at least 15 days to be constructed. It requires skilled labor and intensive hard work. Moreover, a lot of material in terms of cement and bricks are used. You need to have the right weather conditions to build the structure as well.

Constructing pergolas from the scratch is much more expensive than the readymade varieties. However, readymade ones do not last very long and are susceptible to damage under severe weather. If used regularly, they tend to wear out because they are made out of materials like fiber and vinyl. A concrete one can last for a lifetime and as long as your house stands.

The choice is ultimately yours as to which one you would prefer. The bottom line is, pergolas are a great feature to have in your home garden. You can place the right outdoor furniture to make the space comfortable, attractive and functional. You never have to lift a finger to design and install your pergola, as we at Unlimited Landscape Hawaii LLC can do it for you. Call us today on 808-726-9495 and speak to our friendly and professional staff today to find out how we can help you get a dream garden.

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