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If you have a garden and yard then protective fencing is a must have feature. A fence defines the boundaries of your house and tells people that it is your property. Having an open property without a fence or gate can expose it to encroachment. Most people shun from the idea of having a fence because they believe it spoils the look of the house and are boring to look at. You would be surprised to see a few modern fence designs. Visit a professional landscaping company like Unlimited Landscape Hawaii LLC to get an idea.

Types of Fences

FencingThere are several types of fencing materials available on the market. Vinyl fencing is the most popular type because they can be made to look extremely fashionable and aesthetic. Vinyl fences also are durable and relatively affordable. They add value to your home and enhance its resale value. These fences come in beautiful colors and designs. They are maintenance-free, sturdy and strong enough to protect your property.

Then there is plastic fence, which is beautiful and safe to use. It is extremely affordable and does not detract from the overall beauty of your home. With this type of fence, you never have to worry about termites or corrosion due to the humidity in Hawaii.

As a homeowner, you have several fencing choices and your decision should not be governed by price. Rather you should look at the durability, maintenance and look and feel.

How to Install a Fence?

Readymade vinyl and plastic fences are now available on the market. You need to have the exact measurement of the perimeter of your garden or home in order to get the fence. You can install the fence yourself, if the fencing area is small. However, if you have to cover a large area, it is best to outsource the task to a professional landscaping company. We will ensure the fence is installed properly and also is safe to use.

More Ideas for Fences

FencingJust installing an attractive fence is not all that Unlimited Landscape Hawaii LLC does. There are several ideas in store when it comes to fences. They can be decorated with interesting creepers and flowering vines. Imagine a white fence that has a bouquet of flowers in warm colors growing on to it. You can install additional features like statues and extension features along with the fence.

A beautiful gate along with a porch can add great value to the fence. White fences are not in demand anymore, as a matter of fact. People have become more experimental and they do not mind having bright colored fences, like red, purple, lavender and even pink. It may sound bizarre to you, but when you have a lot at the overall effect you will change your mind.

If you are looking to install a fence on your beach side home or cottage in Hawaii, call us, Unlimited Landscape Hawaii LLC, today on 808-384-2808 or visit our office. We are located at 1723, Glen Avenue, Wahiawa, HI 96786. We service a wide area, including Pearl City, Hawaii Kai and Waipahu. When you use our fencing services, you can rest assured you are getting the best quality at affordable price.

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